From the Chairman's Desk
SIVPL is not only an organization; it's a mission, where the aspirations of thousands of people are associated. The industry plays an irreplaceable and crucially important role in overall technological innovation and upgradation. In the last few years, we have succeeded in becoming the integrated power infrastructure and mining company. Its expertise helps businesses generate values from the most challenging circumstances.

In view of encouraging trends in the industry, the Company has focused on its core business and is able to show steady growth in turnover. We believe that we have developed a reputation for undertaking challenging infrastructure and mining projects. We intend to continue to focus on performance and project execution in order to maximize client satisfaction. Our ability to effectively manage projects will be crucial to our continued success as a recognised Power Infrastructure Company. We believe that we stand distinguished from our competitors because of our management strength. I am confident of getting the support, encouragement and blessings of all the well-wishers of Spectrum Infra Ventures.

With this overview I must emphasize that SIVPL is an active participant in the India's Power Infrastructure Development and Mining growth story.

Binod Jain,
Chairman & Managing Director
Spectrum Infra Ventures