Management Team
Mr. Binod Kumar jain
Chairman & Managing Director – Spectrum Infra Ventures

"All of us dream but realizing a dream is an art that few possess".

Mr. Binod Kumar Jain has guided the company from its inception. He is a visionary who can visualize the dream of business and manifest it with immaculate execution. He is responsible for the supervision and control of the company's business and affairs. Somebody in the past said "Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard" This is a quote that best fits to define him. He sees an opportunity, when others see a threat.

He believes in channelizing entrepreneurial instinct and passion of employees to facilitate sustainable future growth. He created an enabling environment to remain a step ahead of competitors by venturing into new markets, Technology and Diversified Fields/Range of services. He has always believed in team management and always credited his employees for the success of the company. The director on our board is conscious of our responsibility in transforming the organization to make it truly world class, to ensure its continued long term success and growth.